Figma plugins to revolutionize your Email Marketing Design process


Kristina Lauren

June 28, 2023

In email marketing, design plays a pivotal role in capturing your audience's attention. If you're looking to take your email designs to the next level, Figma, a popular design tool, offers a range of powerful plugins that can streamline your workflow and supercharge your creativity. This article will explore the top Figma plugins that are a must-have for email marketers and designers. Get ready to transform your email marketing game!

Everyday Plug-ins:

Attracting and engaging your subscribers requires captivating email designs that leave a lasting impression. Figma plugins are here to make your life easier by offering a wide array of features and functionalities tailored specifically for email marketing. Let's dive into the world of Figma plugins and discover how they can revolutionize your email marketing design process.

Lorem Ipsum: Generating dummy text has never been easier. With the Lorem Ipsum plugin, you can quickly fill your email templates with realistic content, saving valuable time in the process. Select all the text layers you want to generate ‘Lorem ipsum’ for then click ‘Generate’ — it will generate for each layer uniquely.

Another option in this space that is ad-free is from Website Planet.

Iconify: Access a vast library of icons and effortlessly customize them to match your brand's visual identity. Iconify empowers you to create visually appealing email designs with ease. Import Material Design Icons, FontAwesome, Jam Icons, EmojiOne, Twitter Emoji and many other icons (more than 100 icon sets containing over 100,000 icons) to Figma document as vector shapes.

Duck Icons: Searching for the perfect icon is a breeze with Icon Duck. Discover high-quality icons and seamlessly insert them into your email designs without leaving Figma. This file contains a set of 630 + icons from the first version of the stroke version.

Countdown timer by Cannoli: Is also optimized for both desktop and mobile thanks to its GIF format, so you don’t have to worry about any viewport glitches. With its customization options, you can change your timers' color, font, and style to fit your branding. Cannoli easily fits in with your workflows as it can be used with any ESP, including Mailchimp and HubSpot, saving you even more time.

You can reuse the timer designs as many times as you want. If you need help creating a timer, reach out to

Content Reel: Inject dynamic data into your email templates effortlessly. Content Reel enables you to import customer names, product information, and other dynamic content, adding a personalized touch to your emails. Design layouts more efficiently by pulling text strings, images, and icons from one palette. Content Reel lets you create and share custom content with other Figma users.

Productivity Plug-ins:

Split Shape: Split your shapes, text layers, groups, and frames into multiple instances. It's useful when you need to generate columns and/or rows in a specific container without having to calculate the size manually.

Icons8 Background Remover: Remove backgrounds from images effortlessly, allowing you to create clean and professional email designs. Say goodbye to cluttered visuals and hello to impactful emails. More AI-powered tools to enhance your photos:Smart Upscaler to make it bigger without losing quality Face Swapper to make high-res and high-quality face swaps.

Gifmock: Animated GIFs can breathe life into your emails and boost engagement. With Gifmock, adding animated GIFs to your email campaigns becomes a seamless process, helping you stand out in your subscribers' inboxes.

Above the Fold: Grab your recipients' attention right from the start by ensuring key email content is immediately visible. Above the Fold plugin helps you optimize the critical first impression, increasing the chances of your subscribers engaging with your emails.

Text Counts: Keep your email copy concise and within character limits with the Text Counts plugin. This invaluable tool ensures your messages remain clear and impactful, driving higher open and click-through rates.

Font Replacer: Experiment with various fonts to find the perfect one for your email designs. Font Replacer allows you to explore different typography options and create email templates that truly reflect your brand's voice.

By incorporating these powerful Figma plugins into your email marketing design process, you can streamline your workflow, save time, and unlock your creativity. From generating realistic content with Lorem Ipsum to adding animated GIFs with Gifmock, each plugin serves a specific purpose in enhancing your email designs. Take advantage of these Figma plugins and elevate your email marketing campaigns to new heights.

Remember, email design is a critical aspect of lifecycle marketing, and Figma plugins provide you with the tools you need to create compelling and visually appealing email templates. Stay tuned for more valuable insights and strategies on email design and marketing. Your journey to email marketing success starts here!

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