MyTrees & Scalero

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February 2022

MyTrees uses Scalero’s full-service lifecycle marketing solutions to design & create beautiful sleek emails and set up personalized automations.

Based in:
Mobile application
Scalero assists MyTrees with design, HTML coding, and implementaton.
Scalero migrated MyTrees to from SendGrid.

Scalero works quickly and quietly. It’s been a breeze to integrate them into our workflows and they're always improving their own systems to make it easier for us.

- Cody Hoffman, Founder & CEO of MyTrees

MyTrees is an application that helps you make a global impact by logging your daily eco-actions. MyTrees is on a mission to reduce global carbon emissions by 5.5 billion tons. Not only are you able to turn your actions into real trees, you can also earn rewards by performing daily actions.

MyTrees came to Scalero in 2021 to get assistance on designing, coding, and implementing their emails. Scalero started off the partnership by assisting in the migration from Sendgrid to From there, Scalero created bespoke email designs to spruce up their email program.

At the time, MyTrees’ emails were simple and straightforward. Scalero created a set of fresh and modern designs that helped MyTrees establish a unique brand image. These designs are now used throughout the MyTrees platform and have been incorporated into their identity.

In addition to design, Scalero set up new email automations using custom event triggers. These emails enhance the application by notifying users whenever they have hit certain action goals - giving users a well-rounded experience. Scalero set up Tier Rewards automations that are triggered whenever a user completes certain actions. This provides a personalized email experience relevant to the user’s tier.

Scalero also assisted MyTrees with the implementation of complex liquid syntax to add a deeper level of personalization to their emails. With the help of Scalero and, MyTrees saw a 32% increase in open rate and a 30% increase in click rate, leading to better customer retention and a meaningful increase in subscribers.

Now, MyTrees has the foundation for a robust email program. With Scalero’s assistance and expertise in lifecycle marketing, MyTrees will continue to grow and help people build climate-positive habits, one tree at a time. +1 510-394-2442San Francisco, CaliforniaMexico City, MexicoCopenhagen, Denmark