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Sync the latest customer data to any team, anywhere.

Hightouch is the leading Data Activation platform that syncs data from your warehouse into 125+ SaaS tools. Once data is in your warehouse, the core Reverse ETL platform and suite of no-code features enable you to activate it anywhere you need it. No custom code, CDPs, or CSVs required.

About Hightouch

About Hightouch
Hightouch transforms the data warehouse into an actionable hub for any team within your organization. Powered by Reverse ETL and a suite of no-code features, data and marketing teams lean on Hightouch to activate data from their data warehouse directly into 125+ business tools and applications.Book a call with Scalero to learn
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Drive conversion
Drive conversions by personalizing every marketing touchpointAutomate audience segments and conversion syncs to all of your marketing applications. If you’re not a SQL expert, fear not: you can centrally build and sync audiences to any marketing tool or ad platform with a no-code audience builder.
Composable CDP
Build a composable CDP straight off of your warehouseLegacy CDPs take months to evaluate, implement, and adopt. Not to mention, they require creating a duplicate record of “what’s true” about your customer. Skip all that—and the headaches— and activate all of your customer data, immediately, using just your warehouse.
Centralized data
Take advantage of centralized data to create an accurate customer 360Revenue-driving teams rely on dozens of different tools to get a complete customer view. But it doesn’t need to be this way: all of that data already lives in your warehouse. Unlock the value of your data across all business teams, with just SQL.
Hightouch and Scalero

Hightouch & Scalero

Equipped with ready-access to complete customer data in the SaaS tools they already use, modern teams are empowered to deliver the personalized experiences consumers have come to expect. That’s why hundreds of companies like Chime, Autotrader, Plaid, the NBA, and Imperfect Foods trust Hightouch to sync billions of customer data points and audiences each year.

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