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About Figma

About Figma
In 2015, Figma launched as the first design tool that combined the accessibility of the web with the functionality of a native app. Figma empowers colleagues, partners, and freelancers the ability to collaborate in a powerful design tool, saving the back and forth of versioning.

Scalero’s global team is happier happier using Figma. We create design systems for our clients and UIs for our own products. We animate, create plugins, and use FigJam to brainstorm ideas. And so much more.
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Figma allows us to be more effective, transparent and organized. Smoother processes, better design.
Design systems
Design Systems, the foundation of allA complete design set consisting of a style guide and a pattern library intended to manage design at scale using reusable components and patterns.
Better developer workflowA strong collaboration between designers and developers is critical. Figma is the best way to work together.
Figma community
Figma CommunityPowerful plugins made just for Figma. Find our Cannoli plugin and our Email Kit for Cannoli App here!
Figma and Scalero

Figma & Scalero

When we started, we used to work with other design tools that did not allow for direct collaboration and easy handoff.

With Figma, everything is in the cloud. Anyone can remotely collaborate in real-time by sharing a link, which means no more exporting PDFs or getting lost in old versions.

What we love about Figma

We design beautiful emails and also create powerful tools in-house using Figma.
Figma is super user- friendly not only for designers, but also for developers, marketers and copywriters.
We use FigJam to bring ideas to life and then use Figma to wireframe and prototype in real-time.
We get better feedback from our stakeholders. Figma gets everyone on the same page—literally.
Countless templates, widgets and plugins in the Figma Community keeps us creative and fresh.

Use cases

Cannoli is an app developed by Scalero that turns figma artboards into email code.

Cannoli was born from our team wanting to design emails faster, while still offering responsive design on-brand. With Cannoli, you can go from Figma artboard to code in a few clicks, so that you can still tap into all of Figma's great features to create great emails. Along with the app, we created a Figma plug-in to help you design even faster with an email builder and pre-made components.

To try Cannoli, visit or find us in the Figma community.

Figma's accessibility and collaboration helped us to establish a single source of truth for Simon Markets.

Our client Simon Markets manages a high amount of content by creating components and elements our process was straightforward, and we ensure we can keep updating and growing their design system always staying on brand.

Communication was top-notch, receiving immediate feedback made our tasks super easy. We also created smooth handoff procedures to development team.

With a distributed team all over the world, it might be difficult with traditional design tools to get on the same page with a global company like Mustela. But not with Figma.

Figma allows Scalero and Mustela to work together seamlessly, sharing large files and communicating design standards and iterative requests all within Figma. This ensures Scalero delivers great designs that are up to the standards of a respected brand like Mustela.

Sawn Ian - Head of Design at Zoom
"It really makes the overall process much smoother and richer than just providing verbal feedback, design is a team sport, brainstorming with others in Figma stimulates so much more creativity because you can proactively and simultaneously build ideas with other collaborators. When you see cursors darting across the canvas, it’s fun and engaging."Shawn Lan, Head of Design at Zoom

Need help setting up your designs in Figma?

Scalero can help you optimize your current email designs. Our team is specialized in Figma, helping you to improve your design processes.

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