Exploring Mighty Networks: Exclusive Q&A with Founder and CEO, Gina Bianchini


Will Pearson

In the world of innovation around online communities, one name stands out: Gina Bianchini, the Founder and CEO of Mighty Networks.

In this exclusive Q&A session, we delve into the mind of the visionary leader to uncover what drove her to establish Mighty Networks and what sets it apart from the competition. We also explore the role of email marketing in Mighty Networks' success and discover how the collaboration with Scalero has made a significant difference in the business.

What inspired you to found Mighty Networks?

I’ve found my purpose in finding ways to scale millions of massively meaningful, tight-knit communities in which people create, learn and collaborate together online and in real life.

What separates Mighty Networks from its competitors?

Our software is designed to create a community that runs itself. It’s built to onboard your ideal members, connect them with the most relevant people in your community, and keep them engaged.

It starts with Spaces, which are flexible, no-code containers that can be private, public, or paid. And here’s what’s really radically different—you can add native features to each Space. So you can have Events, a Community Feed, Chat, and a Course in one Space. Or keep it simple with a Chat and a Member list. Spaces can be whatever you want them to be.

Then there’s Mighty Co-Host, which uses A.I. to help automate some of the tasks of running a community and — more importantly — prompt you to think through and refine everything from your community purpose to the polls & questions you ask your members to keep them coming back for more.

And this is all under your own brand and, if you’re on Mighty Pro, on your own branded apps. It’s really the first unified member platform, and what it unlocks for brands and creators is pretty incredible.

How does email marketing play a role in Mighty Networks’ success?

Email marketing has been an important component of our sales, go-to-market, and customer retention strategies. We’ve been able to tap into leads and attract premium customers in ways just not possible with other channels.

It’s also helped us bring people along who are further up-funnel by sharing our Community Design™ resources with them. Once they understand that we’re giving away the playbook for creating a community so valuable you can charge for it, they’re much more inclined to take a look at the platform. Education and then software has been a winning model for us, and email helps us deliver that education.

How do you leverage Scalero, and how has it made a difference in your business?

The Scalero team has worked closely with us to help revamp our email marketing. They deeply understand ESPs and how to implement best practices around formatting, audiences, and deliverability. What’s more, they keep us learning quickly by sharing back the data and telling us where we can improve. But beyond that, they also have taken the time to understand our unique product and customer base—they feel like real partners when it comes to our email strategy.

What advice do you have for email marketers?

I like to tell my team to keep 5 things in mind with any email:

  • Be memorable

  • Be specific

  • Be skimmable

  • Be holistic

  • Be radically generous

And whenever we begin to write the first email draft there’s two things to do right away—pick just one goal for your email (whether that’s the call to action you choose, the topic you’ll cover, or the offer you provide) and always ask the question “Why Will The Reader Care?”.

What should the world know about Gina Bianchini?

I love my work :) I’ve been excited by the power of communities for a long time, and am truly grateful that I get to do this every day.

This is part of Scalero’s exclusive Q&A series with industry leaders. If you or your company would like to be featured, please contact us.

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