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How Scalero and Simon Data work together
Simon Data is the marketer-first orchestration CDP, allowing e-commerce, travel, and marketplace brands to easily build cross-channel customer journeys without the need for an all-in-one cloud.
About Simon Data
Simon Data

The platform leverages enterprise-scale big data and machine learning to power customer communications in any channel. Simon’s unique approach allows brands like BarkBox, Venmo, The Farmer’s Dog, ASOS, JetBlue, Tripadvisor, Equinox, and many more. Simon’s platform makes it simple for acquisition and retention marketers to do more with data, while reducing the burden on developers and IT.

Simon’s platform makes it simple for acquisition and retention marketers to do more with data, while reducing the burden on developers and IT.
Simon CDP
Simon CDP

Integrates real-time and historical data into unified customer profiles that boosts segmentation and personalization.

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Simon Journeys
Simon Journeys

Orchestrates customer experiences across channels and tools, while easing campaign prioritization and versioning.

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Simon Mail
Simon Mail

Boosts revenue per email through predictive targeting, dynamic content, no-code workflows, and advanced reporting.

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Scalero + Simon Data

Simon Data & Scalero

Scalero and Simon work together to bring businesses the best in place personalization and targeting for their email marketing efforts. The Simon Data platform helps businesses streamline their data and email initiatives, while Scalero helps companies get the most out of Simon Data with technical, strategic and executional support.

What we love about Simon Data

Scalero has deep experience with the best lifecycle marketing tools out there. Here’s what makes Simon Data unique:


A powerful, customizable and intuitive segmentation tool


Ability to transform data in-platform with SQL to create great user experiences


An easy to use content editor that allows you to insert dynamic data into your template in a clean and clear way


Countless integrations with marketing tools and databases

Use Cases
Vivino is the world’s largest wine community with over 50 million users spread across nearly every country in the world. The community has scanned over 1.7 billion wine labels the past 10 years and has contributed with almost 80 million reviews. No company in wine quite has the data that Vivino does. Needless to say, Vivino has big data and multi-country communication challenges. They leverage Simon Data’s Redshift integration to bring in all that data, and use SQL and Jinja to distill that data and create smart triggers and personalized content for their users. Scalero helps Vivino execute on Simon Data, writing clean Jinja code to help power Vivino’s emails.
Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) is the world’s largest marketplace for teachers to access the community, content, and tools they need to teach at their best. Founded in 2006, TpT provides a marketplace for teachers to exchange instructional materials and access easy-to-use digital tools. Today, TpT empowers teachers with the world’s largest catalog of over 5 million pieces of educator-created content. TpT has multiple product offerings, such as School Access, Classfund, and Easel, and needed a platform to give their customers a personalized experience whether they were a buyer, seller, or both. TpT migrated from Bronto to Simon Data and was able to double their traffic to the website via email.
Resy is a restaurant management platform that uses technology to connect passionate diners with amazing restaurants. Since 2014, Resy has been a hub for people to find local favorites, classics, and new hot spots. In 2019, Resy was acquired by American Express. Resy operates in dozens of cities across the world, and accumulates data on both restaurants and consumers. It needs a platform that can support these robust data needs in order to feed personalized messaging to both sides of its marketplace. Simon Data has been the platform that has allowed Resy to scale across the world using Jinja and smart personalization.
Doina Harris

“As a customer data platform, it is important that our clients use their data to execute best-in-class marketing experiences. Scalero has taken the Simon platform and applied their marketing expertise to help our clients achieve far beyond their marketing goals. Our clients have seen significant increases in engagement and conversions by utilizing data within Simon and Scalero’s unique digital marketing and email strategies. The level of customer service and creative thinking to implementation is next level with Scalero.”

Doina Harris, Chief Product Officer at Simon Data

Need help setting up Simon Data or other tools?

Scalero can help you migrate to Simon Data, helping with data ingestion, segmentation, campaign setup, email coding and more.

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